Wendy Brimhall


My name is Wendy Brimhall and I am a great enthusiast of LIFE and all its beautiful possibilities!


As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, so much of what we used to call "normal" about our lives, disappeared. I took the opportunity during the time of quarantine, to finally finish my education because I knew my years of dealing with isolation, crisis, change and health issues had given me skills that might be of help to others! 

 I saw rising confusion, darkness, depression, anxiety, anger--so many people lost in this new, growing darkness who might need a gentle directing light to guide them to a path of hope, happiness, peace, success and fulfillment.

I have been through so many of these challenges: confusion, darkness, depression, anxiety, anger, changes, trauma, loss, betrayal--things I not only SURVIVED, but THRIVED, including currently  managing a number

of chronic illnesses by the grace of God.  


During my 56 years, I've learned to appreciate changes, traumas and trials for the life lessons I've learned-- wisdom and growth gained ONLY through EXPERIENCE! And experience is what it is all about! 

 I created Gentle Light Counseling & Life Coaching  so I can be that someone: someone who has successfully walked the path before and can help along your path of change if you are ready. I would be so honored to be a part

of your journey to a lighter, brighter future of enjoyment, peace and fulfillment.