Lori Wimbish


Lori Wimbish of Reflexology Nutrition & Reiki for Health, llc,


is a Gifted Healer, a Master Teacher of Usui Reiki, a certified Reflexologist in the Ingaham method, an IET® practitioner, and has a BS Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences/Dietetics.


She is passionate about Preventative Nutrition and essential oils and has intensively studied Shamanism.


Lori's mission on earth is to bring Divine Healing to the Mind, Body, and Spirit. thus helping one realize and cultivate their own gifts and the Heavenly assistance from the Universe.. lending to fulfilling their purpose of living their life in JOY.

Lori offers 1:1 Sessions, as well as classes and workshops, and is currently on the board of Healing Arts at the White Mountain Art Center.


To book and appointment, You can


call or text  Lori at


cell: 810-417-0013.

home: 910- 266-8655

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