Crescent Moon

Kristina Osborn

Services Kristina Offers

Kristina was raised in the Holistic Healing world. Her mom was a Reiki Master throughout her entire childhood, and even used the practice to help heal her severe asthma (which completely went away at age 12). 


After coming out of a toxic 8 year relationship in her early 20’s - that left her mentally, emotionally, and spiritually broken - she was hit with a chronic health problem that changed her entire life. She knew there was only one path to take; the path towards healing. Since then, she’s changed her entire lifestyle, health, and habits. She began to go to national personal development events 5x a year, studied the connection of the power of the mind and ability to transform the circumstances of your life (Quantum Physics), astrology, and the connections of spirituality and healing - and has been actively practicing and sharing these methods since. 


With her life transformation, she has started a Travel Business to help others create peaks life experiences, promote mental health, unity of the planet, and create healing retreats. She also became certified in Integrated Energy Therapy and Intuitive Emotional Healing, and has created a 30-90 day Mindset Mentoring program to help aid in the transformation of mindsets and habits. 


With her studies she found that 98% of the world is underdeveloped in mental and emotional healing. Her goal is to help others tap into their unlimited amounts of potential, to give them the opportunity to transform and cultivate a lifestyle that is uniquely their own, and to teach proper emotional healing and releasing negative energy from the body. Healing from the inside out leads to acting at our fullest potential, and she knows spreading this awareness is how she can make an impact.