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Green and Purple Succulents
Green and Purple Succulents

Salon and Sanctuary Owner | Holistic Cosmetologist |Spirit Glow Journey Guide | Shamanic Healer

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Our divine birthright is Joy and You deserve to GLOW!


Vision, Creativity, Attention to detail, and Emapthy are my strengths. 


I am passionate about empowering others to explore new possibilities and potentials for the ultimate growth and expasion of our human consiuosness.


Going on adventures with loved ones, getting into nature, practicing daily sadhana, and community gatherings, and Camping Retreats bring me JOY! 

My Specialties:

Dreadlock Artistry, IBE Hair Extensions, Healing Colorcare, Hair and Scalp Health, Hair Ceremonies, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Shamanism.

My Favorite Products:

L'anza's Keratin Healing Oil line, Pai Shau's Biaphic Infusion, Oway's Herbs and Clay Peeling Cleanser, Dollylocks Dreadlock Tightening Spray, and Cult & Kings' Jelly and Balm. 

Holistic Cosmetologist | Quantum Generational Healing  | Energetic Upgrades

Melissa Cue is a Holistic Cosmetologist of 20 years and is known for her energetic upgrades, quantum healing, generational healing, and meditations.


And, she LOVES doing hair!


Her favorite part is helping people see what she sees, which is the best in you. For her, it is not just hair.


It's showing people that they are beautiful on the inside and outside.


Sure, some highlights and curls help but what really matters is who you are on the inside.


Call or text: 928 - 368 -3936


Holistis Hair Stylist | Color Artist | Dance Coach & Choreographer | Fitness Trainer | Sass Facilitator


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My name is Lauren. I have about 15 years experience in the beauty industry. My cosmetology background stems from a deep fascination with beauty and self care rituals from around the world.


We all have a unique set of characteristics and traits that attribute to beauty. It’s my mission to help my clients achieve their hair goals and radiate with confidence!You are a wonder! A fractal of the universe, every moment observing itself, experiencing itself, breaking, bending, and blending, and rebuilding to create this, YOU.

 My Strengths are problem solving and communication, and motivation. I’m a great listener and a self-starter. I like new projects and anything creative. I’m passionate about dance, people and self- expression.. I love anything related to the arts. Music, dance, art, theater. It’s one of my reasons for doing hair, it’s art that people wear.

In the salon,  I love connecting with people, accomplishing a look, being surrounded by good people with loving intentions and great energy.


Out of the salon,  I love self-care by way of exercising mind/body/ and soul, reading and writing, dancing, being in nature, accomplishing a goal, quiet moments, stormy or cloudy weather.

My favorite products are Pai shau, Obliphica, and Kenra. All of which are botanically based, fair trade, and not tested on animals. I also love love love essential oils and making my own tinctures for hair and skin.

I  Specialize in customized haircuts and corrective color/ healing color, scalp care/ self care/ motivational coaching.

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Rebekah O'Dell 
Salon and Sanctuary Owner, Holistic Cosmetologist
Email: spiritgrovehealing@gmail.com

Melissa Cue 
Holistic Cosmetologist

Lauren Miller
Holistic Cosmetologist

Melanie Jackson
Ayurvedic Esthetician