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Lauren Miller


Lauren Faye Miller

 Hair stylist/ Hair color artist, Dance Coach/ Choreographer, Aquatic Fitness Trainer, and Sass Facilitator

Contact: 928-205-9157

My name is Lauren. I have about 15 years experience in the beauty industry. My cosmetology background stems from a deep fascination with beauty and self care rituals from around the world.


We all have a unique set of characteristics and traits that attribute to beauty. It’s my mission to help my clients achieve their hair goals and radiate with confidence!You are a wonder! A fractal of the universe, every moment observing itself, experiencing itself, breaking, bending, and blending, and rebuilding to create this, YOU.

 My Strengths are problem solving and communication, and motivation. I’m a great listener and a self-starter. I like new projects and anything creative. I’m passionate about dance, people and self- expression.. I love anything related to the arts. Music, dance, art, theater. It’s one of my reasons for doing hair, it’s art that people wear.

In the salon,  I love connecting with people, accomplishing a look, being surrounded by good people with loving intentions and great energy.


Out of the salon,  I love self-care by way of exercising mind/body/ and soul, reading and writing, dancing, being in nature, accomplishing a goal, quiet moments, stormy or cloudy weather.

My favorite products are Pai shau, Obliphica, and Kenra. All of which are botanically based, fair trade, and not tested on animals. I also love love love essential oils and making my own tinctures for hair and skin.

I  Specialize in customized haircuts and corrective color/ healing color, scalp care/ self care/ motivational coaching.