Welcome! To a safe place that was created for you to


into the highest most amazing version of your desired self!

Here at the Spirit Grove, you will find Inspiration and Unconditional Love

among a community of fellow seekers of love and light.

Our Ultimate desire is for you to become empowered to trust in and follow the guidance of your heart, so you can make your dreams, hopes, and desires a reality.

We believe by living a heart centered life, we will be able to grow, expand, and create harmony in our universe, and through example, empower others to live in their ultimate life purpose.

We believe love is the answer, the common denominator and the

underlying force that we all share and have in common.

We hope to re- awaken the love all around us by coming together and

sharing our gifts with one another.

We all fluctuate in our lives between the roles of student and teacher, and therefore understand we can learn something from everyone, young and old, in every walk of life. Each and every one of us holds immense value in our life experience.

We hope to shine a light into the darkest shadows of our souls and HEAL, AWAKEN, and TRANSFORM into the brightest spirit lights we can be.

Through our holistic healing sessions, mentorship, classes, workshops, and retreats, we are sure you will find what your heart is seeking. Please join us in our movement to share the love by exploring all we have to offer! 

Be sure to check out our calendar of events for up coming classes, workshops, retreats, and special guest, as it is always growing and expanding....