Brianna McCleve

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Brianna is an Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor and Empath. She
helps others in awakening their own healing capabilities.
Empowering people to heal from the pain of their past,
moving forward through their grief so they can gain clarity,
peace and love for oneself.

She is a Certified Master Instructor in Integrated Energy
Therapy ® , A Reiki Master and conducts intuitive sessions
using muscle testing in working with the subconscious.
She is the creator of multiple self help programs Grieve,
Love, Grow and co-creator of Empowering The Empath
with her beautiful soul sister, Rebekah O’Dell of Spirit
Grove Healing Sanctuary.

Brianna understands what it feels like to struggle
physically, emotionally and spiritually by learning to heal
through her own addictions. It was in the moments of
healing, through God, that her purpose was revealed. Her
journey through addictions is what gave her the strength to
grow in her calling to serve others, by sharing pathways to
emotional and spiritual healing to self love.

I have assisted my clients in their own healing journey
through 1:1 Coaching, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki
Sessions, Intuitive Sessions, Healing Meditations Classes,
Courses and Retreats.

If there is pain you are carrying, if this resonates within
your heart. Then it’s time to take your journey back to self

All my love,
Brianna McCleve